1. Eligibility

The basic eligibility criteria for MBBS Admissions at UV Gullas College of Medicine are as follows:

  • 50% pass in Physics, Chemistry & Biology in 12th grade or Equivalent is the first basic eligibility criteria for MBBS admission at UV Gullas College of Medicine.
  • NEET Score Card (valid within the time frame stated by the government). This is a mandatory admission requirement for all students doing MBBS abroad as per Indian Government rules.
  • Minimum Pass Mark in NEET required. Low NEET score is not a problem. You just had to have attended the NEET exam as a basic requirement for admission into UV Gullas College of Medicine MBBS admission.

2. Application Process

UV Gullas College of Medicine Application process is as follows:

Step 1 – Counselling: UV Gullas Admissions Program begins with Counseling where the candidate comes in with his/her parents and a counseling session is conducted by our UV Gullas Authorized Admissions Office in Kolkata. All your doubts & questions regarding the college, the MBBS idegree, the life, the environment, the safety factors, food, the UV Gullas Hostel etc is put at answered patiently by our guidance counselors. This is also the session where the original of all the photocopies submitted till then for the eligibility round is submitted for verification.

Step 2 – Application Filling & Submission: Our guidance counselors at UV Gullas Kolkata Admissions office will guide you through the application filling & submission process. You’ll have to submit the required documents for verification.

Review Process

3. Review Process

This is where your MBBS dreams are confirmed!

Once your documents are reviewed and verified, our UV Gullas Admissions Office Counselors in Kolkata will get you the acceptance letter from the University of Visayas that confirms your admission status!

Once your application is reviewed and verified, you are eligible for

  • VISA assistance
  • Bank Loan Assistance
  • Cheap air ticket deals

Our trained guidance counselors at UV Gullas Kolkata Office will support you through the entire process till you are safe in the UV Gullas campus starting your journey to become a successful doctor!


4. Success

You will be welcomed into a thriving student-led learning environment at UV Gullas College of Medicine to study MBBS.

Post Departure Services: UV Gullas admission counselors will also take care of your children once they reach Philippines. On landing in Philippines, there are a series of steps to be undertaken till the students reach UV Gullas College of Medicine Campus and the UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel. We conduct an Orientation course to get the students acquainted with the processes followed within the UV Gullas Campus. Our on-campus coordinators support the students to fill the documentationboth in the UV Gullas College of Medicine Office and at the Visa processing center. This helps the students settle down smoothly, to start their MBBS abroad dream!

What are you waiting for, anymore! Apply now and become a successful doctor!

Apply Below!

Apply for MBBS at UV Gullas College of Medicine now!

Become a part of the UV Gullas MBBS fraternity! Become a doctor & make your entire family proud!

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